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About the service

MicroNet is a leading provider of customised IT solutions designed to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our experienced team works closely with you to develop and implement a tailored IT infrastructure that enhances productivity, reduces costs, and optimises data usage. We also offer disaster recovery planning services to ensure business continuity & minimal downtime in the event of an IT system failure. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we are equipped to help you get the most value from your Microsoft technology investments. Our goal is to provide cost-effective and efficient IT solutions that help your organisation thrive.


How it works


Our IT infrastructure design process follows a systematic approach that involves understanding your business, collaborating with you to develop baseline requirements, shaping the IT infrastructure around your organisation's needs, evaluating and refining the architecture designs, building and configuring the desired functionality, and providing training, support, and implementation.


We aim to deliver cost-effective solutions while providing ongoing support to meet your technical needs.


Our disaster recovery services involve designing a plan tailored to your business needs, with a focus on preventing disasters from occurring, detecting and fixing unwanted events, and restoring the system after a disaster has taken place.


Our goal is to minimise downtime and save your company from crisis by restoring service within 30 minutes.


MicroNet offers a range of IT infrastructure solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

Our team of skilled engineers will work closely with you to develop an architecture design and software requirements that address your specific requirements, while also remaining flexible to accommodate any future changes.


We provide cost-effective solutions and ongoing support to ensure the continued success of your business.


Additionally, our disaster recovery plans are designed around three key processes - protective, detective, and remedial - to prevent, detect, and correct any IT disasters or events.

From designing and implementing ITV infrastructure to disaster recovery planning,

MicroNet offers comprehensive solutions tailored to meet your business needs and budget. Trust us to safeguard your critical data and keep your business running smoothly.